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Hi, My name is Christian Broderick and I'm a Freelance Designer & Web Developer.

More about me..

Who am I?

Web Developer & Digital Operations at solutiontoken.net + evolvedcontact.com.au

Part web developer, part designer. My goal is finding the quickest and most efficent solution for you, or your business. I've worked with small businesses, call centres, not-for-profit's, photographers and more.

In my spare time i'm a cryptocurrency investor/trader, television connoisseur, comedy lover and homebody.



Self taught, passionate web developer and freelance designer. Multiple live projects. HTML, CSS, JS proficient. Learning new frameworks everyday. Basic SEO knoweldge and aspiring digital marketer.

HTML 100%
CSS 80%
JS 65%
ReactJS, NodeJS, AngularJS 35%

Live Projects

Visit my two client's projects below via their live websites!

Solution Token (SOLV) ~ Cryptocurrency

Evolved Contact ~ Business Communications

Evolved Appontments ~ Appointment Setting